May 16 1994 ..."it was a very good year"        we start...  aBSOLUTE sOUND SySTEMs

    with a mission:  


"aBSOLUTE sOUND SySTEMs acknowledges the competition  (1994) out there which we respect and appreciate where they've gotten so far. The digital age has made it possible for new technologies to emerge and that makes the race more interesting and the goals more appealing."


   db system

   ..."The DB System is nothing more than just another layer with speakers and amplifiers added to an existing system to enhance the sound to make it more realistic. You may know that, a 3D image of a sound can be "created" only with two speakers. Now try to imagine all this multiplied by all the numerous speakers in a DB System."

..."When listening to music, it's like placing separate 'holographic images' of the instruments of a band with distinct 3-D locations in   the room."

  ...We continue today evolving even better, offering more, smart,          creative, exquisite services, more value in our product, learning

and growing, excelling now with MEDIA CONTENT DELIVERY, LLC     

                   highly motivated, 

and  totally dedicated to be...and  to provide...simply  THE BEST...           

Custom Media Rooms, Home Theater, design and installation,  with implementation of new technologies, resolving and improving compatibility among various systems, and integration of latest products and presentation tools from tablets to media panels, 

tailored for EASE OF USE with MAC, PC and ANDROID  platforms.

High impact client experience for ANY Media Venue,

cost effective combinations,

unique projects for large scale productions and exhibits, media wall panels, with  exquisite sound systems, and live BROADCAST, CLOUD applications & support  internet streaming  of 

                                                                                          ALL FORMS of MEDIA.